The History - The Technology - The Culture

"The Land of the Rising Sun" Japan. Another great destination which offers so much that is different. Very quickly Japan has developed into a very desirable tour destination. Why? The history, the friendly people, the attractions to visit. The Temples.

Whether you are there for culture or sport you will not be disappointed in the experience of the journey. Experience the customs and cultural differences that make Japan so unique.

11 Day Japan Sports and Sightseeing Tour

Embrace the culture and beauty of Japan on this lovely tour.


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15 Day Sightseeing & School Visit Tour in Japan

Travel around Japan experiencing school life for four days plus day tours of various areas.

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8 Day Japan Fukuoka Rugby & Soccer Tour

Play four competitive game days in Fukuoka, Japan plus sightseeing activities during a seven night stay.

All games are played at the Japan Fukuoka Sports Complex renowned for its great facilities.

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