Historical Tours

Blend into the South African landscape on this extensive sightseeing tour of South Africa. The tour includes game drives, city tours, historical tours, Cape Peninsula tour with boat trip to seal island and more! Play a couple of games with local teams to top off a jam packed trip.

This tour is jam packed with things to see and do in Cleveland.

What a fabulous tour incorporating many landmarks in Cleveland and Washington and a chance to play your sports with local schools!

What an experience this tour will be. A very poignant and memorable trek along the Kododa Trail with an opportunity to mix with the local villagers on many occasions.

This tour offers a combination of history, cultural, nature, science and technology to attract a wide variety of students. Add some sport or additional activities if you like.



A fantastic tour covering Kuala Lumpur, Malacca and Singapore with many photo opportunities, education and excursions along the way.

A fantastic tour covering Kuala Lumpur and Penang culture, geography and history. You will visit many historical places plus have the chance to visit a Theme Park and Markets.

This tour has a strong focus on culture and history including an emphasis on World War II and the fall of Singapore where 15,000 Australian soldiers became POWS.

Enjoy the history, culture and lifestyle of multi-racial Singapore.