South Africa

The Welcome - The Competitiveness - The Wildlife Safaris

The proud sporting traditions in South Africa range in a number of truly competitive teams from rugby, cricket, football and netball. The fierce rivalry on the field makes for excellent competition. This is equally matched off the field with the friendly nature of the hosts.

South Africa of course has some recent history that has shaped the course it currently takes. The Robben Island Museum is just one place to visit to understand where they have come from.

In addition to this the Wildlife Safaris and the tourist attraction at Sun City and the Valley of Waves makes South Africa a very desirable destination.

12 Day South Africa Sports and Sightseeing Tour

Blend into the South African landscape on this extensive sightseeing tour of South Africa. The tour includes game drives, city tours, historical tours, Cape Peninsula tour with boat trip to seal island and more! Play a couple of games with local teams to top off a jam packed trip.

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14 Day South Africa Sports and Sightseeing Tour

South Africa is one of the most diverse and interesting countries in the world. This tour includes a series of cricket games with local schools as well as visits to a number of towns.

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15 Day South Africa Sports and Sightseeing Tour

Take a tour of South Africa and experience its natural beauty, world class facilities, adventure, good weather and wildlife.

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